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  • In search of more perfect elevation data
    Published Oct. 10, 2018  |  Programming, Boulder hiking
    When I set out to create a guide to Boulder's classic hikes, I knew I wanted the elevation gain and loss to be featured prominently. If I had to summarize a hikes difficulty with a single metric, it would be elevation gain. Not mileage. On the trail, when desperate hikers drop to their knees and ask me HOW MUCH FURTHER, I tell them their progress on in terms of effort, but I am secretly using ... [Read more]
  • HOW to Vote (Next Time)
    Published Nov. 7, 2018  |  Politics
    You were getting it from all angles. The people calling your phone and showing up at your door, the podcasts you listened to, the websites you visited. They all wanted one thing: FOR YOU TO VOTE. Who cares who you voted for, or if you know who that person was? FUCKING VOTE! Sincerely though, I was glad to see the word getting out. Elections are not about what the people want. Elections are about what ... [Read more]
  • The Broken Arrow Skyrace: Getting There
    Published June 18, 2019  |  Sustainability
    Why is it that the most avid outdoorspeople seem to be the ones whose associated carbon footprints are the largest? A dabbler in the scene, who hikes one big mountain per year, carpooling to a relatively nearby trailhead with a group of friends, is not responsible for emitting much CO2 per year in their quest for mountain bliss. Compare that carbon footprint to those of the people you know who act out their love ... [Read more]